Farm Air, Inc.

Domestic Dealer
With over 35 years of experience as an aerial application operator, Farm Air owner Harley Curless has a unique understanding of the demands placed on operators and their equipment. The new Farm Air offers a one-stop selection of Air Tractor parts, as well as most major aerial application equipment brands -- drop shipped overnight if needed. The 150' x 120' maintenance hangar is equipped to perform annuals, eddie current inspections, AMSAFE airbag installations and major airframe repairs, along with major wing repairs and wing spar cap replacements. During the busiest weeks of the season, Farm Air stands ready to respond to AOG situations with after-hours parts and maintenance/repair services. Our mission is to keep you working, while providing an unrivaled level of customer satisfaction and superior customer service.
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11220 E. Bricker Hwy.
Astoria, IL 61501

Phone: (877) 715-8476
Fax: (309) 759-4150
Airstrip Information: Curless Airport

Harley Curless

Territory (US): Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio